i ♥ pajamas

i think it’s officially that time of the year- when my running clothes and my pajamas are battling for my attention. as you can see, georgia’s pajamas won their battle 🙂

i really hate cold weather. it’s not one of these love hate relationships many people seem to have. it’s just a plain old hate hate. i hate being cold. i hate having to bundle up. don’t get me wrong, i love getting to wear jeans and not be hot and i’m all about some new boots (as the zappos box in my den will tell you) but can’t it just stay in the 70’s? that’s plenty cold for me.

anyway, being a runner, i have had to get used to being out in the cold. i really think it’s an acquired skill to really figure out how to do it and not hate it but, believe it or not, it’s doable.

so, some things to remember:
*dress in layers- you’re going to warm up once you get started so always wear layers that you can strip off; *dress as if it’s 10 – 20 degrees warmer- this is a fairly big range but you’ll have to play with it to see what works for you- some people get warmer than others when they run;
*remember that heat escapes from your head so you may want to wear a hat or ear warmers- this is just a preference. i tend to prefer an ear band but many others like hats. i just find that they can be annoying with ponytails.
*baby your lungs if they’re bothering you- when it gets really cold, you may feel a burning in your lungs. no, you are not dying! this is just cold air entering your warm lungs so it will burn. if this bothers you wear a scarf or something you can put over your mouth until you warm up.
*remember, the cold will not kill you. it will make you a tougher runner!

in the mornings, when your pajamas are battling with your running clothes, give your running clothes a little boost and let them win. you’ll be glad you did.

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