i Practice what i Preach

ever since i’ve been a personal trainer, i have been told, by my clients, that they like that i am “real.” i don’t believe in dieting; i believe in healthy eating with some non-healthy things thrown in occasionally. i am addicted to chocolate; i make no apology for this- i have chocolate every day. i live for pizza and mexican food; i really believe that pizza the night before a run is perfect. i wish i weighed 5 pounds less but i don’t let it keep me up at night; if i stopped eating chocolate every night this may not be an issue but i’m not willing to give that up. i’ll even negotiate workouts with them- squats instead of lunges; 10 reps instead of 15. i truly believe that any amount of exercise is better than none and i’m ok if you are tired and want to cheat a little on your pushups.

now, with that being said, i am a stickler when it comes to training. i really believe that the success to running a race is the amount of dedication you put into your training. that doesn’t just mean whether or not you did the runs but how you did them. i have been known to miss a run or two- not many though! i will run when i’m tired or even when i’m sore. why? mostly because i know i need to but also because i know that once i’m out there, i will never regret being out there but when i’m at home, skipping a run, i’m certain to regret that later.

i’ve really been on everyone lately about fueling on the long runs and slowing down on the long runs. trust me, i know how difficult it is to eat and drink when you’re running. i also know how much it sucks to slow down so much that you feel like you could walk faster. i also know the benefits to both of these and decided to REALLY put them into play yesterday for my 20 mile run. i’ll be honest, i always slow down a little on long runs, but not nearly enough and i always fuel on long runs, but not nearly enough. (now remember, your slow pace on your long run days is not indicative of your pace on race day- you will be able to speed up on race day because of your tempo and speed runs AND because you haven’t exhausted your legs on your long runs).

let me tell you about my run yesterday! some background on me- a “comfortable” pace for me is around a 10 minute mile or a little quicker (side note- it used to be a 10:45 or slower until i started incorporating speed drills into my workouts).
so, we started out at about an 11:30 mile. it felt slow but i was able to talk without gasping for breath at all and eventually just eased into it. as we would speed up, we just did a quick body check (roll shoulders down your back, make sure you’re not hunched forward, and slow your feet) and slowed back down.
MILE 2 – 4, i sipped on Accelerade (only sports drink i have found with a whey protein)- just little sips to wet my palate.
MILE 4- ate 2 gu chomps (1/2 serving). washed these down with water- couple of sips every few minutes. MILE 4.5 – ate 2 more gu chomps and washed these down with water. continued to drink every 10 minutes- water plus a sip of Accelerade at around mile 6.5.
MILE 7- 2 more gu chomps washed down with water. water every 10 minutes or so.
MILE 9- 2 more gu chomps (waited a little long for these; oh well). follow with water every 10 minutes
MILE 11-12- 1 bag of sports beans (1 serving) with water
water and Accelerade alternating every 10 – 15 minutes
MILE 15- 1/2 banana (thanks jennifer for leaving those in the bushes for us!); sips of water
MILE 18-19- 1 bag sports beans with sips of water

believe it or not, i actually felt great. this was one of my best runs so far for this training season. i fueled properly and never went faster than an 11:30 mile. yes, i felt like i was too slow at times but i also never felt fatigued and NEVER, not even once, thought that i wouldn’t finish it! yes, i want to run the marathon faster than this but, you know what, if i don’t, who really cares?! i’m not out there to win. i’m out there for the experience.

i went home, took an ice bath, and headed down to Ernestine and Hazels for a burger and beer. pretty good for 20 miles! gasp! it does work 😉

8 thoughts on “i Practice what i Preach

  1. by the way, i still only took in about 500 calories and burned about 2000 so as much as it sounds like i gorged myself, if you’re eating 1 and 2 beans or chomps, that’s not enough!!!!!

  2. I’m glad to know that I am not the only one that wants to eat just a little chocolate everyday and try to run harder later to make up for it.  I would rather have the chocolate and work a little harder.  🙂

  3. Ran Saturday’s long run in my hometown in Middle Tennessee. Hilly as hell and felt it in my knees. But the GU Chomps and water helped a lot. Also drank a Muscle Milk before I went out. Not tasty but could tell it helped.

  4. I will tell you that when we did the fueling schedule on my arm, the day was a 7hr day.  The caloric intake during the 7hrs was approximately 3000 calories and my weight loss was still 8lbs or 5% of my total body weight!!!  This was a very hot day and near impossible to stay hydrated.  Even with all of the fueling and liquids, my performance suffered at the end due to the percentage weight loss.  I would have suffered more without a plan.  HAVE A PLAN.  You will forget, get disoriented, or just think your OK because you feel good at that moment…that feeling can literally change in SECONDS and you do not want that. If you need help, even after the next few weeks of experimenting, please ask Star before race day.(preferrably with a few long runs to practice on!!!)  Heat and humidity will not be a factor but you can still easily dehydrate in the cold, especially if you are not hydrated at the start.

  5. Well, I used sportbeans saturday.  That and my 20oz water bottle were they key to me feeling so good throughout.  However, I still had hunger pains (some people say hunger PANGS… not sure which is correct… they HURT me so I say PAINS…ha) towards the end.  I dont think I’m water utility belt material… but I wonder how I’ll make it that extra four miles on race day.Of course there are water stations, etc…  i’ve never done this before.  Do they have bananas and oranges and stuff at any of those stations?  I ask because I wont worry about water but will about food.  I found that the little pounch on the water bottle only holds two packs of sport beans and one car key.  Any suggestions on where to stash extra fuel?  Keep your answers clean, please…

  6. there will be some energy gels at the aid station at mile 9 but that’s it.  last year we had spots along the race course that were easy for our “supporters” to go see us- mile 7 is a really easy place for people to see you so you can always have someone there with some more stuff- extra water bottle, food, etc.  i would suggest stopping at a water stop when you’re about 2/3 of the way through your bottle and filling up.  just grab 2 or 3 cups and pour them in your bottle.  it will take you 10 or 15 seconds if you have your top off as you approach it.

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