What about me?!

Georgia was beginning to notice that none of the recent blog posts have been about her so i knew i needed to take care of that right away.

We’re almost 3 weeks post op (left knee) and almost 10 weeks post op (right knee). fortunately she seems to be handling this second surgery a little better than the first one. she’s still confined to the pen; for the next 3 months actually. however, we also have a mattress in the den floor that she is allowed to lay on if one of us is on there with her. she’s loving that!

We were worried about leaving her while we went to LA. she’s doing well but it’s a lot to ask of someone- medicine, going out with a sling, sleeping on a mattress on the floor! luckily my mom stayed with her which georgia loved. she may even be more spoiled than she was when we left.

It’s hard not to love her when she’s so sweet and so funny…..and when she has 2 broken legs. poor little thing!

so, we have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks and then we should get the ok to allow her to go on walks and spend some time outside of her pen. it’s been a long 10 weeks but she’s worth it 🙂

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