Never say never

i have always said i would never, ever, ever, ever wear a fuel belt for running. they’re stupid looking. i will never run enough that i lose function of my hands and lose the ability to hold a water bottle. i’m just cooler than that 😉

well, i broke down and bought one. ugh. i really hate it when i prove myself wrong. i’m pretty stubborn and usually if i say i will never do something, i mean it. so, what made me give in?

i’ve had to teach myself to run with food, water, and gadgets over the past few years. when i first started running, i had running shoes, shorts, and some cotton t-shirts. i’ve progressed to technical t’s, running skirts, special insoles for my shoes, ipod, nike plus, race belt, handheld water bottle, and a road id. geez. that’s a lot of stuff to just go for a run!

anyway, what made me give in? i had my 20 oz handheld for my long run on saturday. it really didn’t bother me at first but once i started to get tired, i noticed that i was passing it from hand to hand- not good because this causes you to do a cross-over body arm swing which is not good form. i was getting more and more irritated with holding it as the mileage increased. by mile 14, i was tempted to just throw it in the bushes, or even better, at the back of the next person who passed me! so, obviously i knew i needed to do something about it. i don’t think it’s very good sportsmanship if i throw my water bottle at someone?

so, i went to the store and tried on several models. bounced up and down in the store to prove my concern that, yes, they’re going to bounce up and down. i bought it anyway. we’ll see. georgia tried it out for me first. she’s certain she’s not a fan. i’ll let you know what i think after my run tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Never say never

  1. Yes, indeed, fuel belts ain’t gonna win you no style points. But I liked it on Saturday’s run. Didn’t bounce much and having Gatorade on tap was great. I also had a place for keys, ID, phone, etc. Nice, right?Well, Ansley and I hit the CY Farmers Market right after the run and all my stuff was still in there and didn’t want to leave it all in my car. I said, “Well, I’m just going to wear this thing, I guess.” Ansley said, “Umm…y’know what? I’ll just carry it for you. You don’t have to wear it. I’ll just…” I caught her drift. I carried it and still felt a little, um, I dunno, silly? Pretentious? Anyhow…

  2. I had the batman utility belt when I just a kid.batarang, batrope, a clicker gun thing (even tho batman never required a firearm, to my knowledge…), the works…Toby, repeat after me, and practice this often:  “YES, DEAR”

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