whatcha listenin to?

it’s about that time in training when people are starting to put together their race day playlist. i never used to run with music but now it’s kind of a crutch for me. of course, often times i have it so low i can hardly hear it but it’s still my security blanket during races.

i tend to get stressed if i hear my feet or my breath. this brings up a whole other issue though- blog post later on the pro’s and con’s to running with music… there are lots of varying opinions on this topic.

anyway, i’m often asked what i run to. whatcha listenin to? well, i’ll tell ya. i usually always have a blog post for each new race with my race day playlist. i like to train to the same playlist i’m going to run to. that way i know what songs are coming when, how i should feel (or shouldn’t feel) when certain songs come on, which songs were my milestones during training, etc. yes, I KNOW, this is my type A personality talking. wouldn’t it be nice to just hit “shuffle” and run along? for me, not usually!

anyway, i always like to post a little disclaimer when posting the music on my ipod 🙂 don’t hold any of the songs against me. also, we always like for you to share too!

here’s my (work in progress) current playlist and my “why’s” for my next race:

*i never told you- colbie callait- i like to start to a fairly slow song so i don’t start too fast
*electric feel- mgmt- think it has a groovy beat
*love is a battlefield- pat benatar- because i loooove her
*‘till i collapse- eminem- great words- “sometimes you feel weak…but you gotta find that inner strength…”
*let’s go- trick daddy- perfect rhythm for me
*fallin’- alicia keys- can really zone out in this song
*always be my baby- david cook- love that someone can make me like a mariah carey song- thought that was an impossible feat
*blue jeans- jessie james- fun song; just makes me want to throw on my cowboy boots
*elevator- flo rida- the best beat when i need a small boost
*in color- jamey johnson- this song came on while alone on the trails and i was having a really great run; great memory for me
*she’s country- jason aldean- can’t help it- just love it
*chop me up- justin timberlake / timbaland / three six mafia- 3 of my favorites all in one song
*love lockdown- kanye west- makes me think of climbing hills when i taught spinning- gives me strength
*beast of burden- lee dewyze- loove this song and love lee
*outta your mind- lil jon / LMFAO; need a pick-me-up? this is your song (you’ve been warned though!)
*all around me- flyleaf- may need to slow down a little after that last song
*fireflies- faith hill- still remember this was the song that came on during one of my first lone runs in 30 degrees, full wind, and i just focused on the music and ran through my desire to stop
*get low- flo rida- fun memories
*reflex- duran duran- takes me back to 5th grade
*by your side- sade- mine and keith’s first dance at our wedding; “our song”
*swing- soulja boy- love the rhythm
*stay- sugarland- don’t mind me if i’m singing this as the top of my lungs when it comes on
*live like you were dying- tim mcgraw- best race finish memory ever; painful finish and was considering walking with 1/2 mile to go and this song came on and carried me to the finish
*carry out- timbaland/ justin timberlake- clever
*georgia brown- g love and special sauce- my favorite little girl and my favorite band (other than led zep!)
*i still haven’t found what i’m looking for- u2- who doesn’t just love it when this song comes on
*love removal machine- the cult- because the cult are badass
*break the ice- britney spears- because britney is badass 😉
*southern cross- crosby, stills and nash- have loved it since i was a little girl
*hot summer night- grace potter and the nocturnals- love her voice
*not afraid- eminem- really, just a big eminem fan
*remember the name- ft. minor- “10% luck; 20% skill; 15% concentrated power of will; 5% pain; 50% pleasure….”
*numb- linkin park/ jay z- love the collaboration
*edge of seventeen- stevie nicks- because it’s stevie nicks; why else
*highway 20 ride (live)- zac brown band- awesome live band
*black dog- led zeppelin- my all time favorite band
*kandi- one eskimo- like it
*it’s me bitches- swizz beatz- play it when i’m needing a boost to pass someone

ok, ok, i know this was long! it’s my current work in progress- about 3 hours but planning to get up to 5.5 hours.


2 thoughts on “whatcha listenin to?

  1. I have yet to get into running with music. In FL when I was running alone, my iPod kept stopping (probably because I was listening to music and trying to make sure my Run Keeper was working) and it was SO distracting to me. Otherwise, I’ve had about 3 iPods now and I am technologically challenged and have been too lazy to put together a really good playlist.  I will say that when I do it will include some ROB ZOMBIE. That makes me want to drive fast, so hopefully that will translate into energy for running.

  2. It’s funny how some people don’t enjoy running with music, I personally don’t enjoy running as much without it! I think it’s because it helps me not think so much about how much  time I have left in my run. :)Some of my faves on my playslist are:DJ Khale – All I Do is Win (this song motivates me to go fast!)Dynamite – Taio CruzYoung Forever – Jay-z Feat. Mr. Hudson- it’s a good mid-run song, keeps me steady and relaxedMIA – Paper PlanesPower- Kanye WestAnd pretty  much anything by Eminem…The funny thing is, these are songs I normally wouldn’t listen to, unless I’m working out!

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