Take 2

Just when we thought we were on the road to recovery…

Georgia had her 6 week follow up appointment with her surgeon on Friday. we dropped her off early that morning so they could take x-rays and do whatever other tests they needed to do. later that day when we picked her up, we were told she is “flawless” and healing beautifully. they told us we had about 9 more weeks of rehab but we could resume some of our old normalcy. She would still need to be confined when we aren’t home but could go without her sling on all flooring other than anything slippery. Yay! we were super excited.

Fast forward to Sunday night- we took Georgia out for her last walk of the night and, all of a sudden, she was limping very dramatically and appeared to be in pain. once we figured out that is wasn’t the right leg (surgery leg), we realized it was her left and appeared to be as bad as the right one was before surgery. we took her in, iced her, cried and went to bed.

So, we have now met with the surgeon and confirmed that her left ACL is completely torn. she will have to go back on friday for another surgery (same one as 6 weeks ago) and they said for us to expect to pick her up on Monday. last time i thought 2 days was bad- now 3 days!

We’re devastated for her. of course, we know that it’s what we have to do. unfortunately, her right leg isn’t quite strong enough to take on the weight of her left so she’s completely unable to walk.

Positive thoughts are greatly appreciated 🙂

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