milestone ride


i love milestone runs. you know, when you get to a distance or place that you haven’t previously gotten to. those are the easiest runs to remember. of course, the bad runs are even easier to remember, but we won’t get into those. (this is supposed to be a positive post!) regardless of how hard your milestone runs might be, they’re still milestones and those always deserve a little pat on the back.

i’ve been a little bummed lately with my complete setback in my marathon training. one of the main things we talked about when starting the marathon training (in july), was how excited we were for all of our milestone runs. i’ve run 13.1 miles a dozen or so times (training and races combined) but i’ve never done anything above. i’ve had to sit back and watch my group run their milestone runs. while i’m truly excited for them, i’m also sad for me.

fortunately, for my mental and physical being, keith has convinced me to go on some rides with him and his buddies. i’m not much of a cyclist; still a little nervous on my road bike. it’s tough to be a cyclist in memphis. not many people respect cyclists, the streets are in terrible shape, you have to stop at lights every few minutes, and it basically feels like a live game of frogger.

until this summer, i had only ridden my road bike a handful of times. most of my riding time over the years has been spent on my mountain bike. we had one 20 mile ride this past spring but it was stressful and exhausting. in the past, i always passed when keith invited me on rides. well, with this nasty little stress fracture, i haven’t had much of a choice so i’ve taken him up on some rides. we’ve ridden about 5 times around the city, about 20 or so miles and we’ve ridden in hernando with some friends (great country roads with no traffic) for about 25 miles or so. these rides we do aren’t really very leisurely- we ride pretty hard and try to maintain a certain pace. by the time we’re done, regardless of the distance, we’re sweaty, starving, and spent but i’ve never been sorry i went.

well, somehow keith convinced me to join them for a 40 mile charity bike ride today (benefitting st. jude). actually, keith and the guys did 70 miles but one of the other wives and i did the 40 miles. we had 3 options- 20, 40, or 70. i could’ve taken the easy way out and just done the 20 since that’s about the most i’ve done before, but no. it was tough and we rode hard. when we split from the guys at mile 20, we payed close attention to my bike computer to make sure our pace was reasonable and we never got passed (i know, i shouldn’t care but we sure were loving passing guys!)

if there’s one thing running has taught me, it’s that you can usually push through more than you think you can and milestones are well worth the challenge. well, today was my first milestone in a while and my tight quads, achy calves, sore tush, and blistered hands were well worth it.

3 thoughts on “milestone ride

  1. I personallly think its great to have options.  Running is great but you definitely have to mix it up…or else your just a boring runner geek.  There are very few people that can look at races at think about winning.  How do you feel when you are done?  Have you lost weight? Do you no longer lose your breath walking up stairs?  Has your cholesterol dropped? (yes, my cholesterol was high and it pissed me off)  This is why we should move around…so we FEEL BETTER.  Also, KUDOS to Brad Christian from the 4 miler group.  He got a flat on his rode bike Sat morning and showed up to do the 20 miler on his mountain bike.  Anyone that is not impressed, YOU go ride 20 miles on a mountain bike.  It sucks!!!!  Good job Brad.

  2. The mrs bought us his and hers bikes from someone at her work.  We’re picking them up today!  Hello crosstraining!I’d never want to be just a running geek!

  3. Big ups, Brad and Star. Y’all really pushed yourselves.Ansley and I were proud as hell after running 6 miles Saturday! It was the longest we’d ever run at one time. It did feel like a milestone and I am excited to hit more of those. All this running and eating right has been GREAT for my health. I’ve never felt so good.I really wanted to post to tell Keith, “I ain’t T-Dawg!” Ha!

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