Post Op Week (almost) 6

Well, as you can tell from the picture above, Georgia must be feeling a little better!

We got home Friday night from the Cooper Young 4 Miler to find Georgia at the back door and the pen broken completely wide open. Unfortunately, we were too much in shock to take a picture.

It was late, probably close to 1 am, and i was getting some things out of the car as Keith looked in the window and said, “guess who’s at the back door.” i was racking my brain trying to figure out who in the world was in our house and why this person would be greeting us at the back door. There was just no way it was my sweet, crippled Georgia. I was right. It was my not so crippled, not so sweet Georgia! Ok, ok, she’s always sweet, but, come on! She’s sooo not the type of dog to bust out of her pen that she’s been fine in for 5 weeks.

She did remind us how smart she is though. Since the door to the pen was double locked, she somehow managed to get the pieces that put the pen together off completely and just opened it wide up. (don’t worry steven and dave- no damage done- she’s really that smart)

So, on to Saturday (and the picture above). Keith decided to tape the pieces that hold the pen together so that she would have to work a little harder, however, he only taped the top one. We never, in a million years, thought she would do it again. We left and came home a few hours later and this is what we found. She managed to get the bottom open just enough to crawl under and was lounging on the couch when we walked in.

Now, keep in mind she’s not supposed to walk unassisted, much less jump, for several more weeks so she’s definitely grounded. She goes in Friday for x-rays so we’ll know the percentage she has healed or if she has done any damage. We haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary so we think she’s ok!

Back to the pen 24/7. We had finally started spending some time on the couch but now that she’s grounded, she’s back in the pen and, for some reason, this means i am too. I just can’t stand the sad face when i’m on the couch and she’s in the pen so i guess we’re both grounded. I’m ready for Friday so we can get some news and hopefully transition to phase 2 of rehab!!

To sum it up, she’s feeling much better 🙂

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