Race Day

It’s hard to believe the Couch to 4 Miler is over. i distinctly remember that first monday of training when we ran through torrential downpours. i thought for sure i would lose some of you. nope, you’re stronger than that. then came the 120 degree days. ok, surely i’m going to lose some people, i thought. nope, not even then.

Not that i wanted to lose anyone; i just know how hard it is to commit to running. i know because i do it. it is definitely easier to sleep through the rain and run on the treadmill when it’s hot outside, however, neither of those things are as gratifying as meeting up with your running group and getting through it together.

I thought for sure i would cry when everyone walked down to the start of the race and i was left behind. i kept telling keith how i just knew i would be sad that i wasn’t running but that honestly never crossed my mind once we got there. i was so excited for all of you. i had a blast looking for everyone as you passed me at the start and then there was nothing more gratifying for me than seeing each and every one of you head towards the finish line.

Thanks for contributing to such a fun couple of months and a super night.

MOST importantly, BEST WISHES to toby and ansley who got engaged after they crossed the finish line!!!!

What a perfect way to end an already perfect night 🙂

standing:  teresa sweeney*mimi trouy*keith ritchey*drew pairamore*wendy ansbro*toby long*katie dickinson*sarah prosser*jim harwood*muffin dixon*thomas whitehead*chris kauker*lauri prather*wheeler alcala*trey robison*katie suda*al alcala*julianna donahue*brad christian*susan schwartz*ansley murphy*toby sells*henry valk*tim hatcher*stephanie gifford*jennifer robison
seated:  penelope huston-baer*star ritchey*julie pairamore*latasha cornett*holly hazlett*stephanie jones*lindsey mackie*sara haiar*erin shea*cindi pontoni
not pictured:
adele wellford*alanda aldridge*ann leatherman*ashley triplett*brandon morrison*carla cash*dave brown*erin sutton*heather boren*jennifer sammons*jennifer treece*jeremy poag*kate bondani*kathy carruthers*katie keane*kristin croone*laura brown*lauren king*lori turner*mary allison cates*megan arthur*meredith flatt*niel prosser*oksana woloszcuk*sally heinz*sara yarrow*sarah beth saylor*sophie moskop*stacy sheffield*steven hoover*tammy golwen*tiffany yates

1 thought on “Race Day

  1. Just want to say another great big thanks to all of our well-wishers Friday night. Beating our 4-Miler time from last year AND getting engaged was the perfect way to start a CY Fest weekend. The best ever, actually.We had a great time training with everyone for the 4-Miler. Looking forward to seeing all of those who train with us for the 1/2 marathon.It was great to share our news with all of you.

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