Bittersweet ending

It’s inevitable. We always get to this point in training; when we’re wrapping it up. Every season, when i’m planning the next group, i start to dread the early mornings and late nights. I stress about getting the programs just right, ordering t-shirts, making the routes, and simply trying to be there for every runner. I start out telling myself, “it’s only x number of weeks.” Then it happens…every time, where i’m sad to see it go.
Don’t get me wrong. I love getting my Tuesday night’s back but i don’t love that as much as i love being with the group. Of course, for me and many others, we’re going right into the Half Marathon training but i already feel like that ending is just around the corner.
I love the last week of training because you really get the sense of accomplishment. I don’t believe that you always have to train for a race in order to run but there’s no better feeling that topping your training off with a race. It’s really like the prize you get for all the hard work you put into it. However, the race usually means the program is over. As happy as i am about the race, i’m sad to see the Couch to 4 MIler coming to an end.
I love to watch the friendships that are made throughout the training. Keith and i pay closer attention than you might think 😉 We always go home after each run and discuss the run- who was where, who seemed to struggle, who seemed to help who, etc. From the “coaches” perspective (by the way, i don’t love the word coach- i think of myself more as the mother hen. sometimes “coach” is associated with mean or the person who yells at you and i never want to be thought of like that), we love nothing more than seeing 2 people who didn’t know each other before push and pull each other throughout the training.
Hopefully we’ll continue to see those of you who aren’t carrying on with us to the next race. we’ll miss you!

(pic above from Forrest Spence 5K)

3 thoughts on “Bittersweet ending

  1. I hate that it’s over! I’m going to miss everyone. It’s been a great experience. I know that everyone continuing on to train for the half marathon will do great! They have some great coaches! :)Good luck to all of you!

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