Georgia: Post-op week 4

Yesterday marked 4 weeks post-op. In some, actually most, ways it feels like it’s been 4 months rather than 4 weeks. To think that we still have 2 weeks before her next follow-up appointment sounds crazy.

Everything we were told was that the first 4 weeks post op are easier than the next 4 weeks post op. They say this is because the dog finally starts to feel better and finally gets sick and tired of being confined to a pen. I really can’t imagine anything worse than the first 2 weeks though. She was just so pitiful and in obvious pain.

She has made obvious progress over the past few weeks- still not walking on her own, no where near being ready to do stairs, and seems to fatigue easily- but we’re leaps and bounds from where we were. We’re taking longer walks with the sling, spending some time on the couch when someone is home, and we’re even about to start balance exercises using the balance discs i have.

I know that sounds crazy but the main issue at hand, outside of her bone needing to heal, is her muscle tone so we have to start some exercises. Good thing i’m a personal trainer 🙂 We’re also hoping to head off the second surgery on her other leg if we can keep her muscles strong while she’s healing. I’ll keep you posted on her upcoming exercises- it should be an interesting sight.

She’s completely over it at this point- even busted out of her pen at one point tonight to come into the kitchen! That’s ok though. She’s a pretty sweet little patient. I’m pretty certain i would be much more difficult had someone just sawed my tibia in half and inserted a plate and pins.

Anyway, i’ve been meaning to post an update. Lots of you have asked about her over the past few weeks and we appreciate it. I told her tonight we may just have to have a “Georgia is better” party once this is all over!

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