The Curse of My Sweet Tooth

want to know how many calories are in the cookies pictured above? probably not. if you did know, would it make you think twice about eating them? probably

i had an interesting conversation today about the FDA’s proposal for federal menu labeling requirements at restaurants, food courts, movie theaters and so on. keep in mind, this conversation came on the heels of my morning spent making homemade Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. i thought about figuring up the calorie content but decided not to for 2 reasons: 1) i don’t have much more time today to devote to these cookies and 2) i made the conscious decision to make them as planned- not substituting any ingredient to make them healthier. i decided if i was going to spend the time making them, i was going all in.

anyway, the FDA is proposing that there is a law passed in which restaurants with 20 or more locations to also include airlines, trains, supermarket food courts, movie theaters, and convenience stores classified as chains are required to have calorie counts on menu boards for items they sell. what do you think about this? i personally think it’s great. i believe our future lies in the hands of education. if we don’t educate people on healthy food options vs. bad food options, how can we expect our obesity rate to ever decline? not even just our obesity rates but also heart attack rates, blood pressure statistics, etc. yes, i love to think that people are trying to educate themselves but, in all honesty, that’s most likely not happening. why not make it easier for people.

don’t get me wrong. there are plenty of times i don’t care what the calories are. i’m going to eat it anyway. however, there would be plenty of times my guilt would take over and i would go with the healthier option. the Tuscan Butter at Spindini is one of my favorite appetizers in the city and i feel pretty certain i would get it regardless but i might make a healthier decision with my entree. it’s all about balance but how can we balance if we don’t even know what we’re dealing with.

i’m always shocked at how off people are when it comes to their calorie intake. i have clients who assume they’re eating 2000 calories per day and when i run their food log, it’s closer to 1200….and the opposite. some people just truly have no idea so let’s all work together to help them. it’s like a big game of Eat This, Not That.

i really feel it is the restaurants’ responsibility to help educate the public. we don’t know what they put in their food but they do. when i cook, i know what goes in my food (hence, the 14 tbsp. of butter!). i also think it may cause some restaurants to give us some healthier options. plus, you may think, “fine, i’m having the deep dish pizza BUT i’m going for a run later” which is also great- then you even know how far you need to run to counterbalance what you just ate! this sure would make losing and maintaining weight a whole lot easier.

what are your thoughts on this? i think i’m probably in the minority but i really do think it can only make a positive difference in society. by the way, the cookies are pretty darn good and i don’t care that they’re sooo not healthy, however, i’ll only be eating one today. ok, maybe 2 but no more!

6 thoughts on “The Curse of My Sweet Tooth

  1. Totally agree with you.  I was flying through an airport when this first went into effect on the East coast.  It is amazing what choice you make when you see the calorie count on the menu and remember the # of calories you just burned off that morning on the treadmill.

  2. I really hope the law passes. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a chef and we eat out, a lot. I find myself coming home and searching the internet for calorie information on whatever I just ate. Sometimes it’s shocking! Although, like you, there are times I really don’t want to know! When those times come around, I’ll just try to cover my eyes if the calorie information is on the menu. 🙂

  3. http://www.dwlz.comthis lady does weightwatchers but to figure the “points” she lists the cal, fat, carb etc.  this may help you to “plan” what you’ll eat when you get to the restaurant ahead of time.  she has TONS of restaurants on there.  btw what is shocking is how AWFUL for you just about ANYTHING at Chilis is…Did y’all know that National Bacon Day is this weekend?”mmmmmmmmmmmm…. Bacon….”      ~H.Simpson

  4. oh… two more things:1.  on, you scroll down about halfway down the page and it’s one of the buttons on the right hand side that says “DWLZ Restaurants.”  It returns an alphbetical list of 100’s of restaurants and you can click one and see each restaurants menu and its corresponding nutritional information.  It’s quite handy.2.  I discovered slimfast’s snack candy bar, “Peanut Butter Crunch Time,” today and it TASTES JUST LIKE A BUTTERFINGER…  This is my favorite candy bar of all time and I, therefore, would not kid about such a thing.  100cal and worth every one of them.trey

  5. I agree that we can educate people but ultimately it is the individual deciding to go out to eat vs. cooking at home where you can control what you eat.  I have been using for the past week and am somewhat surprised at how few calories I do eat but I don’t feel hungry.  Am I not eating the right foods?  Who knows, still a work in progress.BTW, can I have the cooke recipe without the calorie breakdown? 🙂

  6. yes, but we shouldn’t have to cook at home in order to eat healthy!  trust me, i try to cook but i only have about 4 or 5 nights per week in me and then i’m over it and ready to go out.  yes, i’ll share the cookie recipe and no, i wouldn’t dare give the calorie info 😉

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