I challenge you…

i eat pretty healthy most of the time so when i sat down today to log my food, i was shocked. where, oh where, have my fruits and veggies gone?

i, of all people, know that everyone should get AT LEAST 5 fruits and veggies a day. even georgia knows that, as you can see from the picture of her eating her corn (don’t worry, it’s a Pegetable- not real corn).

my day has gone like this:
breakfast- whole grain toast with peanut butter (healthy but no fruit or veggie anywhere in sight)
snack- homemade chocolate chip cookie (no, not healthy, but quite good and hot out of the oven)
lunch- tuna with wheat thins and a handful of cherry tomatoes (check 1 for fruits and veggies)
snack- homemade energy bar (tiny square) and a nectarine (woo hoo, 2)
dinner- chicken breast with black beans and brown rice (can’t find the fruits or veggies here)

so, from a fat / carb / protein perspective, i did great today- protein at every meal and snack, as long as we pretend the cookie isn’t on the list, healthy whole grains, and a moderate amount of healthy fats (remember, we’re pretending the cookie didn’t exist). now from a fruits a veggies perspective, i was a huge fail!

what am i going to do about this? i’m challenging myself to at least 5 fruits and veggies a day. you in on the challenge? how do you do with your daily intake of fruits and veggies? tips on getting enough every day?

4 thoughts on “I challenge you…

  1. I like to keep a big bowl of grapes ready to go in the fridge.  That way I am more likely to grab a few each time I open the fridge :)Not a big source for the fruit count but it is better than nothing.  I also like to have bell pepper cleaned and chopped.  Again, makes it easy to grab a quick snack.

  2. ok, it’s day 1 of the challenge; 3 pm and i’ve had NO fruits and veggies. i take that back- i had lettuce, cucumbers and tomato on my subway sandwich.  i’m sucking!  there’s a chocolate chip cookie calling my name but i guess i’m heading for the nectarine instead.  bummer!

  3. well, since i almost died yesterday in bikram yoga (bikram is code for DEATH BY EAST MEMPHIS HOUSEWIFE) I needed grown up man food Thursday.  Today I am 3 pieces of fruit by 11!!!!

  4. Bikram gets better, Keith. You really do get used to it! It’s the first couple of classes that get you. That’s why I’ve been avoiding it like the plague!

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