G love update

Georgia had her 2 week post-op visit with her surgeon today. as far as we knew, we were just taking her in for staple removal and we assumed we would probably only see a technician. fortunately, they actually took her back for the surgeon to examine her. this was a breath of fresh air since we have really had no idea if she is healing at the rate she should be.

we waited in the exam room while Georgia was in the back with the surgeon. we knew when they were done with her because we heard her bitching. i have always said the only trick she knows is talking back and she knows that one really well. i wonder where she learned that?! i’m assuming she was bitching because he was paying attention to her (aka- removing staples) and when he left to come talk to us, she was no longer the center of attention. yes, i know, we’ve created a monster.

anyway, good news! he said everything is right on track and she is “perfect and beautiful.” well, duh! we knew that much!

they removed her staples and he did a quick physical exam of her knee. he said to continue doing what we’re doing- no activity, assisted walks to go to the bathroom, no stairs, and constant containment in her pen. we will take her back in 4 weeks for x-rays and he says that will hopefully be when we enter into “phase 2”, whatever that means.

good news for georgia too- we are still to use the sling on her but we don’t have to be quite so forceful with it. poor little thing; we’ve been holding it pretty tight so her back legs aren’t holding much weight. we can loosen it and just keep it on her for support- in case she were to fall or lose her balance. i’m sure she’ll be thrilled that we’re no longer squeezing her insides like they’re in a vice grip when she’s trying to walk and potty.

it sure is a good thing georgia is such a good little patient. here’s to (hopefully not much more than) the next 4 weeks of pen living, bone healing, medicine getting, sling walking, and an occasional bitching!

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