Healthy Obsession

I just realized that i have forgotten to tell some of you about my new healthy obsession. No, it’s not my Tofu StirFry that is pictured above. However, if you ask Keith, he’ll tell you that i am currently obsessed with this dish.

It’s the website. I love this site! The main thing i use it for is the “Daily Plate” and i recommend it to all of you. It’s the easiest calorie tracking tool i have found. I’m not obsessed with tracking my calories, especially since i try to eat pretty well. However, it’s more than just a calorie counter.

Go to and sign up. Go to “daily plate.” You will want to put in your weight, activity level, etc. It will then give you the daily allotment of calories that you should have based on what you’re trying to do- lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight. Not only will you enter in your daily food and drink intake but there’s a place to enter what you did in regards to fitness. Now this is what most of the other calorie counting tools are lacking. This one will then make adjustments based on this. Therefore, if you are supposed to have 1500 calories per day to lose 1 pound per week but spent 500 calories exercising, you will need to eat based on this- it will add some calories in for you.

I think this is the most confusing thing that most of my clients deal with. You cannot have a negative calorie intake for the day….or even a super low one. If you’re working out, you must eat! Otherwise your body will just eat away at your muscle mass rather than the fat. This makes it perfectly easy to keep up with and you don’t have to do any math!

The other cool thing that i love about it is you can enter your own recipe for something and it will tally up the calories, etc. So, for my Tofu StirFry, it is saved under my foods and, now that i’ve entered the recipe, i just click on it and know exactly how much i ate. It also breaks down your Protein / Fat / and Carbs which is super important. You want to have the right balance of these things.

I have turned all my personal training clients onto this. Check it out and tell me what you think!

3 thoughts on “Healthy Obsession

  1. Feel free to pass along that tofu stirfry recipe 😉 It looks yummy! And that website is great! I have been using it for several weeks since you recommended it to me. It takes out all of the guess work about what I’m eating.

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