Poor sweet baby

We got to bring Georgia home last night!! We found out yesterday morning so we spent a few hours getting the house in order and then went to a movie. We figure this might be the last time we leave the house together for a while.

As you can see from the picture above, she’s pretty severely bruised. Her belly is so red and you can just feel the heat coming off of her leg. I still haven’t gotten a great look at the incision site. She’s so swollen and red, it’s hard to tell what anything is. We iced it for a little bit last night after we got her home and got her settled. She’s not able to walk yet so we have a sling that we put under her belly to get her outside. Fortunately, once we figured out how to get her upstairs and in the bed, she slept really well.

Thanks to all of you who thought of her and sent her positive vibes!! We all appreciate it. It’s tough seeing something so sweet and lovable in pain so it’s been nice that Keith and i have had so much support 🙂

2 thoughts on “Poor sweet baby

  1. Alright…if you can’t find motivation in running for yourself, & you are looking for someone to run for, RUN FOR Georgia.  She would love to be outside running around but she can’t.  Don’t take it for granted because it can been taken away from you in an instant.

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