Sweet Georgia Love

6:40 am: dropped Georgia Love off at the surgeon’s office. it was a really hard thing to do. we are supposed to have complete faith in this person that we don’t even know and expect him to treat our baby with love and compassion and also be the very best surgeon he can be. of course, the person at the desk had no idea what time they were taking her into surgery but off they go with her. one last kiss (i mean, look at that face! how could you not kiss all over it?!) and we were gone.

7:00 am: keith and i left the surgeons office in a bit of a haze. i’m sure you’ve figured out by now, Georgia isn’t just a dog to us. she is our baby. i think a lot of people have dogs who are dogs and some people have dogs who are babies. she’s definitely our baby! the joke in my family is that i may think i actually gave birth to her. anyway, we made a quick stop at the donut shop and then home to wait.

10:00 am: no word from the surgeon’s office so we called. now we’re told it will probably be noon when she goes in. ok, so she’s been there over 3 hours and has just been waiting in a cage. they tell us that she’s “resting”. Ha! we know better than that. she’s spoiled rotten and she’s bitching unless she’s getting all of the attention.

12:45 am: went and picked keith up (i went to work for an hour) to go to lunch. he said the house is awful without her there. for those of you who’ve seen our house, you know there are pictures of her everywhere!

3:00 pm: called the surgeon’s office because we STILL haven’t heard anything. it’s been a long 8 hours. we’re told that they’re “finishing up” and we’ll hear something soon. so, we’re still WAITING!

3:40 pm: just received a call from the anesthesiologist. georgia is out of surgery and is beginning to wake up. she’s on iv fluids and iv meds. they’ll continue to monitor her breathing and we should hear from the surgeon sometime this evening about the specifics of the surgery. we’re soooo relieved to hear she’s out of surgery. now if we can just get through the next few days so that we can bring her home!

4:30 pm: spoke with the surgeon who said the surgery was very “routine” and she did well. he said “no news is good news” tonight but we’re welcome to call and check on her. he will call me tomorrow morning to discuss specifics.

10:00 pm: called to check on G and was told she’s sleeping well.
Thursday, 8/12/10

6:00 am: called to check on Georgia. the nurse said she had a pretty restless night and that they had a bit of a difficult time finding the right concoction of pain meds for her. she said she sat with her for a while to keep her company and gave her a Care Bear to love on. she took her out once to potty (using the body sling) and said she did pretty good with that. she’s currently on IV morphine and 2 sedatives and i can’t remember what else! they are hoping to start weaning the IV drip today. she said she is finally sleeping and is all snuggled up with her Care Bear. it’s really tough hearing that she had a bad night but i know she was better off there than at home with us. i should speak with the surgeon sometime today.

10:00 am: spoke with the surgery assistant. they are decreasing some of her sedatives throughout the day so she can become more alert. she took her out to potty and said she seemed to want to put her right foot down, which is a good sign! she feels good about how she’s doing, however, said they may keep her longer than we expected since she’s a bulldog and they tend to have so many breathing problems. i think they just want to be sure all these pain meds and sedatives are at the right dosage before they send her home in case she begins to have breathing issues. i’m just hoping she’s winning everyone over with her extra long tongue and silly little face so that maybe she’ll get some special treatment 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sweet Georgia Love

  1. I can identify with the whole dog is your baby thing. So glad to hear the surgery was routine. That is the best news! I know its hard not being the one to care for her. Its good that they have someone overnight to stay with her and give her some one on one attention. She’s going to do great!

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