Home Sweet Home

Welcome to Georgia’s (and our) home sweet home for the next few months! We’re not looking forward to living in a “pigpen” in the den but we’ll do anything for our little baby (aka- georgia love, peanut, piglet, etc!).

Georgia is having surgery for a torn ACL in her back right leg on Wednesday. Yes, dogs have ACL’s and yes, they tear! I don’t guess i ever thought about this but when she completely stopped walking last weekend we knew something was wrong. We went to our vet and, without even having to examine her, she knew right away that we were dealing with a torn ACL. She referred us to a specialist, ortho surgeon, for her and off we went.

The surgery consult was interesting. After he gave us a quick anatomy quiz (not lying, he gave us a quiz!) and then described in detail how he will cut her shin bone, rotate it, and eventually reattach it to her femur with a plate and lots of pens, we were at the desk making an appointment for surgery. This is all a bit of a haze. It was a lot of information in a few minutes.

We have to take her in wednesday morning and she’ll have surgery sometime that morning. The surgery will take a couple of hours which is pretty frightening for any dog, but especially a brachycephalic dogs…or smush faced dogs. She’ll have to stay in recovery at the animal hospital for 2 – 3 days before we can bring her home AND they won’t let us visit. This is going to be pretty tough for us.

Once we bring her home, we’ll be on lock-down for the first 4 weeks and then a more casual version of this crazy lock-down for the next 4 – 8 weeks. It’s definitely going to be interesting. For a dog who completely runs the house, goes wherever she wants whenever she wants, and gets on all the furniture, this is going to be close to impossible.

Thanks to Dave and Steven, we now have the Exercise Pen in the den that she can be in and one of us can fit in there with her. This will definitely help. We’ve started using it so we can all get used to it before she comes back home. We definitely feel confident in the surgeon and are hoping that once she comes home with her robo-knee, she’ll be better than before!

Wednesday is going to be a long day for all of us so any and all positive energy sent her way is GREATLY appreciated!!!

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Good luck Georgia! And good luck to you guys too- I’m sure it will be tough to not get to see her for a few days!! Hang in there 🙂

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