Snakes, and Deer, and Turtles, OH MY!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
–Robert Frost

Oh, how i have missed my trail runs lately. I have never, in the past, considered myself a “trail runner.” I have dabbled in trail running but always thought you are a completely different type of runner if you’re a trail runner. However, about a year ago, i started doing more regular trail runs and fell in love. There’s just nothing like getting on a trail and zoning out. I find that i’m looser and more comfortable when running. This is probably because i spend so much time watching my footing so i don’t trip. Keith and i were doing a lot of trail runs this summer and sometimes we would chat and sometimes we would just completely morph into the environment and run.

That was all fine and dandy until today! We decided to go to the Yellow Trails for about a 5 mile run. Our plan was to run in about 25 minutes and turn around and run back. Most of the trail (about 90%) is wooded and the other part is a grassy area that has a bit of a trail from people running on it. Well, as you can see from the picture above (which actually doesn’t do it justice), the “grassy” part is actually taller than me and completely overgrown.

Keith and i got through that part but were a little freaked out about ticks. We stopped on the other side for a quick tick check and then kept on running. I was leading and rounded a corner and saw a man standing a little ways ahead. I cleared my throat, thinking maybe he was just stopped to catch his breath. I also noticed a pile of something that he appeared to be looking at (i have bad eyes and, from a distance, thought it was a BIG pile of horse poop.) He didn’t move and as we got up to him, and considered just passing him, he pointed to the pile which wasn’t horse poop but a PILE OF SNAKES!!! Not lying! There was a Copperhead completely entangled with a King snake. They were in a fight (i guess).

Anyway, keith, this guy, and i all debated whether or not we could jump the snakes to continue our run. We were only at 1.7 miles but this is a very tight, single track trail. I quickly remembered that i’m a klutz and that the likelihood of me jumping too soon and landing on these snakes was entirely too high. We decided to turn around and run back to the car to get my phone so we could go back and take a picture.

We ran back to the car (yes, back to where we started), got the phone, and turned around to run back. We saw a couple of guys on the way who informed us of the snakes on the trail but we were on a mission to go back and get pictures. We ran and ran but couldn’t remember exactly where we saw them. I’m leading again and came around a turn and right on something in the middle of the trail, moving. My feet literally stopped where they were and i almost fell flat on my face. Heart attack! It was just a turtle though.

Finally, we see the spot where the stick was that we used to try to get them to move but the snakes are gone! OK, now we’re freaked out!! Where are they? As we’re standing there trying to figure out our next move, a pretty good sized deer ran by. Pretty cool- took our minds off the snakes for about half a millisecond. The snakes were nowhere to be seen. Back to the car we ran- and, yes, four times through the overgrown grass that was taller than me.

On to the car, no pictures of the snakes, deer, or turtle but lots of fun to be had! I highly recommend the trail for anyone looking for a nice, quiet run 😉

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