Push on!

You’re out for a run and you’re “scheduled” to run more than you’ve ever run before (or maybe just more than you’ve ever run in a long while). Are you able to do it? Yes! Are you able to do it without the will to push on? No!

Sometimes i feel like people driving by in their cars or those running by me in a race might think i have multiple personalities. If you pass me on the road and i appear to be talking to myself, i probably am. For whatever reason, moving past each new goal is a mental battle for me. I see this a lot with my runners too. If you’ve been doing 6 minute intervals and suddenly have to do 8 minute intervals, you immediately start to doubt your ability. This is normal but this is also when you have to start tapping into something other than your physical ability.

I remember last years Couch to 4 Miler- lots of brand-new runners who never would have ever dreamed they would run a half marathon. Many decided to give it a shot and training began. When we were running 4 miles, 5 miles seemed impossible. When running 10 miles, 11 miles seemed impossible. However, each time we pushed on through to that next level it made what we had just come from seem easy (well, maybe not easy, but feasible).

The key is figuring out what it takes to help you push on to that next level or goal. Sometimes a good song on my ipod is all i need but often times that’s not enough. I now find myself chanting little things to myself. Sometimes this is just going on in my head but, if i’m really struggling, you may hear me coaxing myself along. I had a horrible race a few months ago and spent the entire last mile repeating my favorite motto over and over (out loud so i’m sure people thought i was crazy!)- “you’re tougher than you think you are, you can do more than you think you can.” I didn’t finish very strong but i FINISHED. This is my current go-to when i start to doubt my ability on each new challenge and it seems to be working ok!

How do you push on through to that next level?

2 thoughts on “Push on!

  1. You have to tap into the “want” factor.  Why do you “want” to do what you are doing?  Lose weight, run farther, run faster, run with friends…  Whatever the goal is, I go back to that as my little booster.  I am running now because I have found enjoyment in the act.  I have found friendships in the act.  I have found pleasure in trying to work with people that want to acheive something from the run.  Ask for help, or better yet offer help to someone looking for that spark.  That may help you PUSH ON

  2. What pushes me along?  Several things.  A song, a favorite saying or just the fact that I can continue to place one foot in front of the other.  Why do I do this, again, because I can.  I don’t want to wonder about my ability, I want to test it and push it.  I was not always able to but I worked on it.  I still remember the pain of my first run, first mile and can go back to that place when I am stuggling.I also do this for the friendships that I have found and for the inspiration from others.  I am not out to set world records just to set my own whatever that might be.

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