Trial by RAIN

well, there’s just nothing like Day 1 of Couch to 4 Miler training and it is raining cats and dogs! i am honestly not a sadistic kind of person; i really thought we were going to be able to beat the rain. i was WRONG!!

just yesterday i was bragging to keith about how organized i felt for this morning’s first run- all books made, spreadsheets done, emails sent, intake forms copies, running stuff out, and alarm set for 5 am. i didn’t even feel anxious last night. i was just excited and ready to get going. i read my latest edition of Runners World for a little while and finally went to sleep around 10:30- no stress.

cue the rain. i woke up from a pretty good sleep around 2 am and couldn’t believe my ears. Rain!?!? i did not plan for rain! it hasn’t rained in midtown in over a month and today it rains. i spent the next 3 hours completely stressing…and wondering how in the world keith could not be awake! finally, at 5, keith turned on the tv (i think he had been awake for a while but was afraid to talk to me) and it actually looked like it was clearing up and the next storm was staying above us so we decided to get a move on and get to the gym.

once again, i was feeling excited and didn’t let myself stress about what might be going through everyone else’s minds while also listening to the rain throughout the night. we pulled out of the garage and the rain was slowing down a little. we’re all good!

we got to the gym and i unlocked the door, turned off the alarm, flipped the switch for the lights….are you kidding me….no POWER?!?! of all days! i had all my pretty little books and spreadsheets and i couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face, much less all my stuff. again, trying not to let this get to me. it’s only one more obstacle i didn’t plan for. on the bright side, the rain was stopping and people were actually showing up! as you can probably tell, i like to plan and i like to follow that plan!

the group had a great attitude and we got started as quickly as possible so we could “beat the rain.” well, about 30 seconds in, here came the rain. everyone seemed to have the attitude of “i’m up, i’m here, i’m already wet, we might as well run” which was great. we were completely soaked but i think it was pretty fun too. i’m not much on icebreakers as i think these can often make people more uncomfortable, but i think running in the rain with a bunch of people you don’t know is one of the greatest icebreakers!!

i have a friend in the group whose wife i have known for many years. he emailed me the picture above and said he sent it to his wife when she asked how day 1 was, and said ‘just put running shoes on that little guy and you know how we all looked.’ today was definitely a wet run but one that is only going to make us better runners…..and i’m sure it won’t be our last wet run over the next 10 weeks!

last year i watched my group form friendships and bonds while out on many of these crazy runs and it just makes me excited to see that happening again. i have become great friends with so many of “my” runners and i love experiencing all of this stuff with everyone else, rather than all alone. even though i’ve been a runner for several years, i would have used today as an excuse to stay inside. instead, the groups have taught me that we’re in this together and that it can be fun even when you don’t plan out all the details!!

3 thoughts on “Trial by RAIN

  1. If I remember correctly, the first day of last year’s Couch to 4 Miler had a good rain as well!  Must be a good omen, like rain on your wedding day!

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