Tried and True

I’ve always been a creature of habit. Sometimes I feel like maybe this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Maybe i need to be more spontaneous occasionally?! Not always have everything planned. Not always eat the same thing for breakfast. Maybe not always wear the same running shoe?!

Well, i tried. What did i learn from this little burst of changing things up and trying something new? That i am a creature of habit for a reason….because if you’ve tried it and there’s nothing wrong with it, why in the world would you risk messing that little union up?

I have a love hate relationship with my running shoes. I love the way they feel. I love that i have worn the same brand and style for many, many years- makes me feel like a loyal friend. I hate, hate, hate that all of the ones i’ve had over the years have looked almost exactly the same, that Brooks doesn’t have any other color options for people with narrow feet, and that if i’m not careful, i will easily end up with 2 different shoes on my feet when heading out for a run.

So, enter the newcomer…the pretty, shiny pink shoes- different brand and everything! Now, i must say, i wasn’t stupid about getting these shoes. I actually got fitted for them and i really thought that they felt pretty good but i’m now wondering if some of the excitement for being “spontaneous” was overshadowing the voices telling me not to change something that’s not a problem.

I’ve tried to fall in love with these shiny new shoes but i just can’t do it. I find myself sad that they’re just sitting in the floor amongst all my other running shoes, looking all pretty and new but they’re just not working for me. I’ve run in them a few times and have had pretty severe shin pain each time. Now, let me say, I’m having shin pain after all of my runs in all of my shoes, but, again, something about me being such a creature of habit has me blaming these new shoes.

I guess all i’m saying is that what’s wrong with being a little habitual if it works for you. I’m planning another trip to the running store to by my new, old shoes and i’m excited. If you’ve found some shoes you like, stick with them. I have always said, who cares that my shoes aren’t as fun as other peoples running shoes but now i really believe it. Brooks Adrenaline, my feet thank you!

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