Couch to 4 Miler

It’s that time again….Couch to 4 Miler!!! Last year we had a super group of people (most of whom made it in the above picture before the race) and i’m super excited to have everyone back this year, along with some newbies.

I had a lot of fun last year throughout our 9 weeks of group runs. I believe we had about 50 people start our journey with us and about 44 competed in the Cooper Young 4 Miler race. Those are really great numbers. From those 44, about 22 went on to train for, and complete, the St. Jude Half Marathon. Impressive!

I’m excited and ready to get going! As hot as it is outside, I have to admit it, I actually miss y’all 😉


did you know that you can’t use the word “shenanigans” for your alarm code? ridiculous, i know! what’s more ridiculous than you not being able to use the word is that our college-aged tenants told us that was what word they would be able to remember for their alarm code at our rental house! anyway, you know what you can use the word “shenanigans” for? the crazy things keith did on may 8th!!!

so, keep in mind, this was only 2 weeks after our nashville race. we drove 10 hours (yes, 10!) to panama city beach so keith could get into some shenanigans of his own…..the gulf coast triathlon. this wasn’t just any triathlon but a 70.3 triathlon. 70.3? oh, that’s the sticker on his car. “is that a bible verse?” people often ask me. no, it’s the distance you cover during these shenanigans- 70.3 MILES!

as you can probably assume, the nerves were up a tad- for both of us, i think! i always stress when he’s doing a race. this was to be his very first ocean swim! the morning before, we woke up and peered over our balcony down the beach and could see a few people doing a test swim so we decided to head down. the ocean was amazingly calm and clear. keith had a great practice swim and the nerves for both of us seemed to subside a good deal.

fast forward about 20 hours….we woke up, peered outside again to see the large ocean swells and crazy moving waters. no more calm waters for race day. if you’re going to do your first ocean swim, it might as well be a good one! nerves- WAY UP for both of us! the picture above is pre-swim. so, off go the pros and we waited for keiths wave to enter the starting corral. as we waited, the ever so funny dj (enter sarcasm) says to all the nervous athletes, “wow, the waters are so bad the pros are even having difficulty and it appears to be no different than trying to swim in a washing machine.” thanks!

as i waited for keith to exit the water and watched a safety kayak flip over because the waters were too rough to control his little boat, i tried not to hyperventilate and attempted to stay calm. athletes exiting the water truly looked as if they had been in a spin cycle but i’m not sure i would’ve told any of them that. a little behind his goal time, here came keith, smiling and all! oh, 1.2 miles, by the way.

moving on to the bike- pretty uneventful for me as i couldn’t see the 56 miles of race course but, again, as keith came into the transition area, he was smiling and joking with people as usual. now comes the really crazy (in my mind) part- the half marathon- 13.1 miles. so, you’ve just done all that other stuff and you find the need to do a half marathon? what, are you crazy? yes! off he went on the run- yes…smiling!

ok, now fast forward a couple of hours- here came keith. smiles were gone. it was hot, long, and he was dealing with some frustrating cramps and pains but he still didn’t quit. maybe he wasn’t loving it anymore but he was still out there racing. so, over 7 hours after the start, he crossed the finish line. talk about some shenanigans!

keith once told me (before almost having to push me out of the car to go run a race), “you’ll learn a lot about yourself today.” i’m hoping that what he learned about himself on this particular race day is that ‘he’s tougher than he thinks he is and can do more than he thinks he can’ (as borrowed from the leadville 100’s race mantra).

way to go keith! i couldn’t be more proud 🙂 xoxo