Spinach Smoothie

Spinach what?! yes, you heard me right- spinach smoothie! look at that great picture. you can barely even see the spinach flakes floating in there and, believe it or not, it tastes like strawberries.

so it seems that when i don’t have the running group now to get up and go meet, i just don’t run. i feel like i have done nothing but eat brownies ever since the race almost 2 weeks ago so i decided i needed to do a veggie/fruit smoothie for a few days to try to get back in the swing of things. the great thing about this is that i have discovered that this smoothie goes really well with my brownies 🙂 i do have to gloat though- i make “healthy” brownies- no oil and all applesauce so much lower in fat. why give up one when i can have both?

i sent keith a text with the words “spinach smoothie” and this is what i received back- “gross!!!!!!!” i admit, it does sound gross, especially to me. i am not a spinach fan. i love uncooked spinach- this is what i use for my salads, but don’t really like cooked spinach at all. well, that’s no good because my nutritionist friend, kevin, tells me that if it’s not cooked, you don’t actually benefit from any of the iron that it has to offer. what?! the whole reason i switched to spinach salads is because i am a walking zombie half the time. i’m always tired and feel like i need some toothpicks to hold my eyes open. is that because i’m not cooking my spinach? probably just because i get up before the sun everyday!

anyway, with kevin in mind, i decided i needed to steam my spinach first. i steamed about 2 cups of spinach and put it in my blender. then added strawberries, milk, ice, and honey- blend and tah-dah. there you have it, spinach smoothie. i was pleasantly surprised- i was afraid since i steamed the spinach, it would have a strong taste but it really didn’t. i even drank the whole thing (while savoring my “healthy” brownie)! beware if i have you over for smoothies- i may just sneak some spinach in there. shhh- don’t tell keith!

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