Never Give Up

“Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” – Dean Karnazes, Runner

sorry to those of you who aren’t in the above photo- julie, dave, kevin- we took this in the lobby after getting SOAKED on our way home from the race. i wish i had a picture with all of us in it!

anyway, what a race! the above quote couldn’t better fit this race for me. i kind of feel like it was written for me. i definitely ran when i could, walked when i had to (much more than i would have liked), thought about crawling (even wondered if i could just lie down and roll down the hills), but, most importantly, never gave up! unfortunately for me, i suffered my first ever true dehydration severe leg cramps. i definitely thought, especially when my toes started involuntarily curling under and i was tripping over my own feet, that it was going to be a bad finish for me but i never once thought about quitting. had it not been for keith, i might have sat down on the curb for a little emotional hissy fit, but instead, i carried on. as i passed each person receiving medical attention, i felt fortunate i wasn’t in their shoes.

this was truly the most painful run i’ve ever had- training or race- and you would think that i would be frustrated and never want to run again. well, this is where my scorpio stubbornness comes into play. i would NEVER let this be my last run! are you kidding me? i was on the internet the very next day looking for a race – 1) to make up to keith for the horrible run we had together and 2) to remind my body that not all runs are like that! i even emailed the race director for keith’s upcoming race (gulf coast half ironman!!!) to see if i could run the half with him (i can’t). i’m a little more calmed down now that i’ve had a few days to rest and think. i’m certainly in no hurry to run another long-distance race but i am in a hurry to start planning my next one(s).

i thought about all of my runners throughout the race and pulled a lot from each and every one of you. i knew you were all out there, working so hard to get to the finish and that none of you would dare quit. i owe many thanks to each of you for making the training enjoyable and the weekend memorable. i owe a zillion thanks to keith for putting up with my crabby attitude after about mile 3. i know 10 miles is a long way to spend with me when i’m pissy!!! i definitely owe you a fun race!!!

here’s to whatever our bodies and minds have in store for us next 🙂

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