Born To Run

this is an order- you HAVE to read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall!!! such a great book. i read about this around Christmas and it had such rave reviews, i knew i had to read it. keith read it first and couldn’t put it down- half the time, reading me parts of the book out loud. well, now i’m reading it and i’m the same way. i’m telling everyone about it. it’s a true story and utterly fascinating if you are at all interested in running.

Born to Run is written about a runner from Runners World who set out on an adventure to meet and run with the Tarahumara Indians in the Copper Canyons of Mexico, arguably the greatest distance runners in the world. throughout the book, you meet some very interesting people and learn a ton about this very secret tribe of people that actually do exist in the world, but you also get a very interesting perspective on body mechanics, shoe mechanics, barefoot running, etc.

so, i’m reading this book and completely sucked in by the idea that the current running shoe is causing more problems than good. the idea of the Tarahumara Indians (who, by the way, run in a homemade type of hurache sandal!) and many of the barefoot runners is that the fancy running shoes are too supportive and controlling over your foot and you’re not allowing your foot to do what it really needs to do to support your ankle, etc. they make some very interesting points throughout the book.

interesting enough, my chiropractor (dr. brad) asked me to bring my running shoes yesterday for our visit. it was really pretty cool. he did a very thorough assessment of me in my running shoes and then the same assessment barefoot. he did some interesting things with my feet and suggested that maybe i say bye to my stability shoes and try out some neutral shoes. what?! is he really telling me the same stuff i’m reading in this book right now?? yes! he said my stability shoes are acting like a brace on my foot and that even though i have a super flat foot, i have very good foot to ankle and ankle to knee balance. all these years i’ve been running in stability shoes but i think i may be giving some neutral shoes a shot in the near future.

anyway, i must note, though, that this is not all what the book is about- it’s really about the adventures of running and the joys of running. if you’re having a hard time finding motivation or you’ve forgotten how to love the sport of running, read this book! it will literally want to make you jump up and go for a run- barefoot or not!

1 thought on “Born To Run

  1. You must read this book if you ever want to continue running.  Why do you run, is it enough, don’t you want to become the person who just runs because they love it and can’t wait until their next run.  This book will introduce you to incredible people that do astonishing things with their bodies.  Not just to win but for the passion.Can YOU run a 100 mile race with a 3000 ft elevation change at altitude??  Don’t say no because…You don’t know!!!  Your perspective will completely change as to what is possible but most importantly your ATTITUDE will change towards running, endurance, nature, and people in general.GET YOUR RUN ON!!!!!!

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