it’s tough being sidelined by injury. for weeks, i was concerned about missing the 2 longest runs with the group, but i was also excited about my upcoming vacation and my plans to do a crazy intense trail run before i left town. i had been planning to go out to the trails and do the 6 mile loop twice! intense, yes, but i was more than excited about it. instead i was at home with ice on my hip.

saturday morning came around and, yes, i was thrilled to be leaving town but the weather was just so perfect for the long run. keith and i sat in the airport waiting on our flight and i was just teary eyed to be missing the run. i guess if the only reason i was missing runs was for fun stuff, i would be ok. it’s another thing when you can’t run but you still want to!

we get on the plane and i pulled out my new issue of Runners World and it was literally like it was written just for me! i couldn’t put it down. the whole issue touched on being sidelined by injury and how this really messes with your head but also gave ways to combat the issues that usually come along with the injury. it also had an entire story about Meb and his injury during the 2007 olympic trials. again, it was talking to me. Meb had a searing pain in his hip, found that he has an overworked TFL, glutes that aren’t firing, blah, blah, blah.

ok, so now i’m telling myself “it’s ok, you and Meb are one.” i’m trying everything. it truly SUCKS being sidelined when you don’t want to be but according to Runners World, i will start appreciating my body more, will become stronger and more efficient once i’m back and will certainly not suffer any crazy emotional thoughts during my next race!

we’ll see…

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