lost your mojo?? i know where you can find it……..the TRAILS!!!! what a great trail run this morning! oh my gosh, how quickly i was reminded of how much fun it can be to run the trails. at mile 7 i was talking with keith and dave about how great it was to be out in nature and off the roads. even though we ran some grueling miles, never once did any of us this we weren’t having fun or loving the challenge. it was certainly a super booster for all of us out there today.

it’s just so different from running on the roads- mentally and physically. it requires more effort so you would think you would just hate it because of the difficulty level but because of all the maneuvering and sight-seeing you hardly even have a chance to think about how much you might be hurting. it’s been a while since i’ve run the trails and it felt good to be back!

there was a time a while back that i was running the trails at shelby farms and also the greenline in VECA and i stopped because i was nervous about the vulnerability of my knee. i wrapped both knees today as a precautionary measure (i actually wrap them before all long runs- for stability and to help keep the fluid down) and i was a little nervous about how they would feel but it was all good.

the great thing about trail running is that you use so many more muscles than you do when running a road. think about how tough your hamstrings had to be to climb the tough hills and how strong your quads worked on the steep descents. your hips were working in all directions to help to maneuver the tree roots and mud. this requires more work from your entire core. all the times we had to jump over water (and once even build a little bridge to get across!) and climb over trees just added to the fun. what a great workout!! loved being out there with y’all and can’t wait to go back.

1 thought on “Mojo

  1. don’t take it for granted. if you can get out and move yourself, you should.  some people (g-love) would gladly go run outside

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