Hit the trails

ok, i’m thinking it might be fun to change things up a bit. since we’re feeling pretty good about our current mileage but are also feeling a little frustrated or bored, i thought it might be fun to hit the trails.
it’s been forever since i’ve actually gone out and run the trails and i’m beginning to miss it. it is completely different from running on the roads though so be prepared. the biggest challenge for me is that you can’t completely zone out. you have to pay close attention to where you’re stepping and you also have to slow down. don’t expect to do a trail run at the same pace that you do road runs. you’ll shorten your stride and lose some time but it’s completely worth it.
some things to remember when running the trails:
* never have your headphone so loud that you can’t hear!!! there will be people going both directions on foot and on bike so you want to be able to hear if they’re coming . i usually wear my headphones but only have 1 earbud in- that seems to work ok. i also turn my volume down pretty low
* be polite when passing. if you’re coming up on someone and need to pass, say (loudly enough for them to hear) “passing on your left.” they should yield to you.
* don’t assume a biker will yield to you. technically all bikers are supposed to yield to runners unless they’re on an uphill or difficult single track but don’t assume everyone follows the rules. be prepared to hop over to the side and slow down or even stop if necessary.
* take fuel- you tend to exert a little more energy (maybe not more but definitely different) when running the trails so you’re probably going to feel fatigued quicker than on the road. if you have a handheld water bottle, i would also suggest taking this.
i guess the thing i want to stress most is that you cannot go into your first trail run expecting to maintain your regular pace. put the watch away and just run. let’s make this running thing fun!
see you at the trails 🙂

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