race day playlist

are you planning on making a “race day” playlist? i make one for each race i do and i’ve been working on mine for nashville and am struggling! i’m trying to branch out and not listen to the same songs i listen to in every race but it’s hard to come up with new, motivating run music.

i’m up to 1.7 hours of music but need about 2.5 hours. here’s what i have so far (and why):

Mercy- duffy- like to start with something not too fast and not too slow
Frontin’ on Debra- beck, jay z- one of my favorite Beck songs so love the remix
Carry Out- JT and Timbaland- great beat for running
These Stones will Shout- raconteurs- great band, just fast enough to get good and warmed up
Inner City Blues- john mayer- 7 minutes long so hopefully can just get into it!
No One Loves Me..- them crooked vultures- awesome new band; good ole’ rock
Ayo Technology- JT- can’t ever leave this one out; love the rhythm
In Color- jamey johnson- i’m thinking i would be several miles in at this point and might need something slow to zone out to
Elevator- Flo Rida- good memories- about mile 10 in nashville last time and it was a great pick-me-up
Elephants- them crooked vultures- again, great new band!
Stay- sugarland- don’t be surprised to find me belting this one out; i just love it and can really get into it and forget what i’m doing
Move Bitch- ludacris- well, what can i say?! i’m hoping this will motivate me to pass some people
Badwitaba- kid rock- if you can hold out the first 40 seconds of this song, fully expect to sprint the next 3 minutes; no matter how i feel this song can get me going
Live Like You Were Dying- tim mcgraw- again, great memories. i was coming into the chute in nashville, in pain and ready to be done and this song came on. it’s funny what songs will randomly end up meaning to you
My Party- kings of leon- for keith- he loves this song
Best of You- Foo Fighters- dave grohl is a bad ass (pictured above)
Need you Now- this was my 1st song for st jude and wished i had it later in the race; very calming song for when i might be feeling a little tense on race day
Recently- dave matthews- good pick me up
Let it Be- kris allen (live)- love this song and like the little changes he makes
Don’t Stop Believin- journey- this is the song that was playing over the loudspeaker when keith took his long, lonely walk to the lake before his half-ironman. it gave me chills to see the sudden camaraderie amongst total strangers
Crazy Bitch- buckcherry- *disclaimer- this one’s pretty bad but great beat!
Salute your Solutions- raconteurs- great live and fun to run to
Fallin- alicia keys- i loved this song when it came out so it just takes me back

so, that seems like a lot but it’s not enough. what are you listening to? are you making a special playlist? do you plan to train to it or just run to it on race day?

1 thought on “race day playlist

  1. I too need to shake up my playlist but there are a few that I stick with:Viva la Vida – Coldplay.  It was my first song of St. Jude and helped me keep a steady pace instead of starting out too fast.I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas – fast paced and an overall good message to get started.  I think I am going to place this somewhere towards the end to remind me of the Good Feeling at the FINISH lineDisturbia – RihannaI Kissed a Girl – Katy PeryI Know You Want Me – Calle Ocho (it makes me want to dance…not an easy thing to do when running though)Poker Face – Lady Gaga (this is my “run fast song”  I can usually clock my fastest pace so this song is spread out to keep me going)Mr. Brightside – The KillersDirrty – Christina AguileraThe Way I Are – TimbalandSexyBack – Justin TimberlakeWhen I Grow Up – The Pussycat DollsI think I am going to add Tic Tok by Keisha (not sure how to spell that)Just a few off of my playlist.  I also have some of Shakira (spanish)…I get caught up translating and before I know a mile or two have gone by 🙂

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