Money Well Spent

So, i have to tell you what i did after our run today. I got a massage! I never do stuff like this. I am the worlds worst at feeling like i can’t take the time or can’t spend the money. I rarely do the things that i always feel kind of gluttonous about- massages, manicures, whatever. However, with all of the neck pain and knee pain i’ve been having, the idea of a good massage has been in the back of my mind.

I ran into Ed, one of our massage therapists, at work yesterday and said “i need to see you.” Ed, smart man that he is, said “perfect! see you tomorrow at 10.” So, there it was…an appointment for a massage. I thought all last night about canceling, telling myself i should just get on the foam roller and call it a day.

Well, let me tell you, it was money well spent. I’ve been to Ed a few other times- back when i was having horrible neck pain- and he’s great. Don’t, however, expect to go in for a relaxing massage. We laughed that while all the people in the gym were jealous when i went back in for the massage, they had no idea that i was working up a sweat just from gritting my teeth.

Ed tends to do more therapeutic sports massages which is exactly what i needed. I tend to prefer the type of massages in which they rub my hands and my back and i may even fall asleep. Not this one! I knew from the previous massages i had with Ed that we were in there to work. I informed him of my still-nagging neck pain, horribly tight IT bands, and painful hips and he went to town. I knew when he started some sentences with “Sorry, this may hurt a bit so take a deep breath” that i was in for it, but it was truly so good for what i needed. It’s not your typical massage- you have to work a little. We did several great contracting-relaxing stretches and i really feel better already. Apparently i have the beginnings of “frozen shoulder” if i’m not careful (which is probably contributing to all of my neck pain) so we spent some time on this as well.

I know i can’t see Ed as often as i would like, but i am definitely going to make more of an effort to see him after some of our long runs- maybe even 30 minutes on the IT bands, but i can already feel the benefit. Funny, this sounds like a PSA for Ed. I didn’t intend to do that and he has no idea i even have a blog, but i thought of all of you while i was in there and know everyone would benefit from a good massage with him every now and then. You may not like massages or may even have your own person you use, but if you’re looking to “treat” yourself, i highly recommend Ed. I feel like i could go run another 5.9 miles! 🙂

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