Whatcha listening to??

i’m running a little behind this time so i need some help. i always make a new playlist for each new race i’m training for…or even each new running season. we’re 3 weeks into our training for nashville and i don’t have one made yet. i’m still running to my st. jude playlist. i like to listen to the same thing on each of my long runs so i kind of know where i am and how i hope to be feeling. it just helps me mentally.

last time i trained for nashville, my playlist had Fireflies (faith hill) at about mile 5. for some reason this was a big milestone mile for me each time. i used this song to make sure i wasn’t going too fast and also to take some time to re-group. on the other hand, i had Crazy Bitch (Buckcherry) at around mile 11 because i knew i needed it. anyway, on training runs i had these to carry me along so, on race day, when i got past Fireflies and felt great i was good. when i got to Crazy Bitch (disclaimer, disclaimer!) i was thrilled to have that song push me along. it also reminded me of my 11 and 12 mile training runs and gave me the motivation to finish.

so, i need some suggestions! i know i’m going with some Them Crooked Vultures (pictured above) but not sure what else. what do you like to run to?? what gets you going??

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