things to help you motivate:

1. get a fitness journal: i always write down my daily fitness goals and also write whether or not i met my daily goal. i’m pretty tough on myself so i love seeing my daily accomplishments!
2. get a new pair of shoes (or even a new pair of socks): i love the feel of new shoes and socks on my feet. i get excited to get out and wear these in.
3. sign up for a race: Nashville, here we come!!!
4. make a great playlist: i usually make a playlist at the beginning of a new training program and run to this playlist on each long run. on race day, i know how i want to be feeling at the start of each particular song. it also helps to pace me throughout the race.
5. run with a group: it’s often easier to get out of bed, even on chilly days, when you know you have a group waiting on you.
6. it’s almost bathing suit season: enough said!
7. remember that you almost always feel better after a run than you did before it.

those are the top things that come to mind that help me motivate. what about you? how do you motivate?

2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I motivate my self typically by remembering the feelings of past accomplishments.  Recently, I have been forcing myself to get going because I know if I don’t, race days will suck.  There is nothing better than feeling and doing your best on race day. Train hard = race well  Part 2…set a goal and make it challenging.  Thankfully you have done this for us.  (going to do my speed workout instead of grabbing that cold beer in the fridge)

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