what’s up with this weather?!?! i am not a cold weather person. every trip i take is somewhere tropical. i’ve never been skiing. i have no desire to go anywhere cold. if it’s below 70 degrees outside i’m still cold. it’s not unusual to find me in a sweatshirt on my front porch on summer nights. there was even a time when i would only run on my treadmill if it was 60 or below outside.

so, what happened to turn me in to the person who runs outside when it’s 17 degrees and is excited about the warming trend to 40? you happened! this running group happened. i still think i’m crazy half the time i’m layering up to go on these cold runs but i’m always so glad once i’m out there.

trust me, i have done tons of research to see if we can die from running in these temps (this could possibly be my chance to skip a run!). well, we can’t! according to runners from the north, this isn’t even all that cold! we just have to do it right- layer, cover your ears and hands, and don’t start out too fast. it’s going to take longer for our muscles to warm up and possibly even burn your lungs. this is not dangerous- it’s just the cold air going into your warm lungs. however, if this bothers you, wear a scarf or something you can pull over your mouth to breathe into until you’re good and warm.

don’t get me wrong, i still HATE the cold weather. however, i LOVE that the race is only 71 days away and that’s motivation enough to get up and put on my 5 pounds of extra clothing and get out there.

so, for all of my fair weather friends, i’ve missed you! bundle up and come back out 😉

2 thoughts on “Brrrrrr!

  1. It’s just soooo cold…I admit that running cold is my weakness.  I don’t like it.  It’s hard to leave my warm bed, get into a nearly frozen car, shiver all the way to our meet up spot, only to face frigit temps and biting wind in the dark.  But since your northern friends make all that sound so whinny, I’ll come back.  See you Saturday!  Maybe it will be warmer…

  2. Tonight will be my first run with the group so get your a@#& out there!!  I have not been slacking, oh no, but I hate early mornings more than my wife hates cold weather.  I have been doing all of the workouts asked of me and then some so let’s run tonight with a good group and let that parlay us into a fantastic showing for Saturday’s run.  I’m thinking at least 16 ppl on Sat.LaterKR

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