Rules of the Road

i’m sure most of you know the basic “rules of the road” but i’m going to take this time to remind you anyway. here are a few that i consider extremely important. if i have left anything out that you can think of, don’t hesitate to add them to the comments section!

1) please run against traffic! this means you will run on the LEFT side of the road. you never want a car coming up behind you. sometimes you will have to make an exception to this rule but rarely. this is truly one of the most important rules and one of my biggest pet peeves when i see people running on the right- it’s just too risky.
2) don’t ever assume that a car can see you or that it will get out of the way. when running (as well as biking), you AND the car are your responsibility. the more aware you are, the quicker you will be able to react when necessary.
3) running in a group- if a car is coming, the entire group should move to the same side of the street- probably the left but possibly the right. it is important for the group to move together though as to not confuse the driver of the car or cause the driver to not see the lone runner on the opposite side of the road.
4) don’t ever assume a car is going to stop at the yellow (or even red) light when crossing at a cross-walk. make sure they’re actually coming to a stop before running into the intersection.
5) running in the dark- it’s important to wear some type of reflective clothing or gear. i’m guilty of not doing this and it’s just plain stupid. most running clothes have some type of reflective logo or something but it’s really not going to do you much good- they’re just not big enough. a flashing light, vest, wrist bands, or something of this sort will better serve you.
6) ipods- of course, the true “rule of the road” for this is to not wear them. i, however, know that most of us are going to do it anyway so just make sure you wear your ipod as safely as possible. don’t have the volume up so loud that you cannot hear what’s going on around you. if you are in a high traffic area or crossing lots of streets, you may want to have only 1 earpiece in.

most of you know, i’m the first person to get annoyed at the cars that ride too close or won’t move over but i’m also pretty adherent to the rules of the road.

here’s to many safe and fun runs together…47 to be exact!!

Nashville, here we come!!

so, in looking at the Countdown and realizing we’re only 84 days away i am getting those little butterflies in my stomach. it’s so exciting! i ran the Nashville half in ’08 and LOVED it! it is truly a great race. tons of spectators and lots of scenery. i believe the picture is of me around mile 8. i love this picture for 2 reasons- 1) i’m truly having fun even though i’m running all by myself (aside from the other 55,000 people on the course!) and 2) it’s the only picture i’ve ever owned where my legs actually look kind of long! anyway, we’re going to have a blast and i’m excited to have all of you on board for the training!